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Rear beam pins, shafts, axles for Citroen, Peugeot

Rear beam pins, shafts, axles are needed while repairing rear axle of Peugeot 206, 405, 306, Partner, Citroen Berlingo, Xsara, Samand, Lifan. In a way a rear beam pin can serve as a repair kit, when rebearing hasn`t been done in time and the bearings crumble and scrape against the ground surface of the pin (axle)..

Rear beam pins, shafts, axles
Rear beam renewal and repair means repressing and rear beam axles (pins) change. Like many other car running gear units are suspensions (balls, silentblocks, springs, absorbers), needle bearings and rear beam pins of Peugeot, Citroen, Samand outworn in a different way on the right and left hand. In spite of the fact, that the rear beam has two pins, the change of only one of them might be needed.

Standard bearings, made in France, can serve for 100 000 – 150 000 km. But bad roads do their job too. In some cases the lifetime of the needle bearing of Citroen, Peugeot, Samand, Lifan may make up 80 000 km. There are some cases known, when the needle bearing of the famous brand, bought and mounted on the territory of the former CIS, was to be changed after 50 000 km. And that was a standard sedan and not Peugeot Partner or Citroen Berlingo, the rear beam of which is loaded heavily.

needle bearing
If you look at the needle rollers of the bearing, you`ll be surprised at their small size and you`ll understand, that you pay for the compactness and comfort of the torsion suspension.

In the most cases problems in the rear beam are caused with moisture getting there – lever, pin, rear beam. The surface of the pin (shaft, axle) has nigh hardness of 58 HRC — 63 HRC, but it doesn`t save from corrosion.

The needle bearing of the rear beam of Citroen, Peugeot, Samand has no inner race. Very thin rollers move on the surface of pin. The rust, appearing on the shaft surface, moves through the bearing rollers and serving as abrasive hastens the attrition and destruction of rollers and pin surface.

The needle bearing of the rear beam of Citroen, Peugeot, Samand has no inner race

The needle bearing has a stuffing box and is lubricated when mounted on pins, shafts, rear beam axles, but the lifetime of more than 80 000 is still hardly possible. Replacing your needle bearing in time you needn`t repair the whole rear beam, buy and replace pins. For replacing the rear beam pins the beam demounting is necessary. The procedure isn`t easy and is usually accomplished with the help of the car lifter, but when one is experienced enough, the rear beam is separated from the car body and repaired in the normal pit.

After separating the beam you need to separate the levers, torsions and stabilizer for the replacing of axles. It might be a problem, when the car has more than 150 000 kilometrage. Read more about the rear beam torsions of Citroen, Peugeot, Samand, Lifan separating. The replacement of the rear beam axles needs usage of the special equipment and tools, which are not used at the standard service centers. And you can hardly do this replacement at home.

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